Wizards ONLY

Welcome Wizards… hopefully you read the post on the homepage and went to the websites… once you have logged on and everything… you’ll love it!

(From now on… when I use this symbol * Between a sentence/note… that is just fyi about something new)

* After you beat Tomb of Beguiler, you will be given the permission to go to MarleyBone!!! (Although thjis dungeon takes about one and a half hours, so make sure you have a free time for this amount of time.*


Here are the following places where you WILL need a partner to complete without any trouble:

– Sunken city

– Vault Of Ice

– Emperor’s Retreat

– Tomb Of Beguiler     (this is REALLY hard for me… be careful to NOT get sucked into a battle with a minion walking around)

Also… when you are logging onto your account to play… you will see news every week or so posted to let you know what is going on. Sometimes they tell you a code or directions to do so to get something for free or something!!!


By the way… you might run into my brother… he is:

“Michael GoldenBlade” /Fire/lvl 32


Or… you might run into one of my two cousins:

“Matthew IceShard”/ Ice/ lvl 32

“Chris ShadowBlade”/ Storm/ lvl 29


2 Responses to “Wizards ONLY”

  1. I love this web!!! LOL… AWESOME!!!!!


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