Wizard 101

There is this awesome online game called “WIzard 101″… I recommand this to anybody!!! It is a virtual world  where you, as a wizard, can do quests and etc.

There are many different types of a wizard you can be… here is the list:

– Life                    – Myth

– Death                – Fire

– Ice                     – Storm

– Balance           – (there is said to be another type like metal or something, but it is NOT a choice as if right now)

In case you might run into me… my character is:

Name: “Rachel LifeDust”

Type: Life

Level (1-50): 33

There are many fun things to do in this game… i have learned some cheats about this game i would like to share, please take a look at the “Wizards ONLY” page 

check out this web at…


You can get some awesome cheats at:



~ by Rachel Lifedust on December 25, 2009.

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